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Congratulations to Prince Andrew's Sierra Sparks for winning this years Government of Canada History Awards


Do you have questions about the SAT and ACT testing requirements for students wishing to attend university in the United States?  Please find below details about an upcoming webinar on SAT/ACT testing where those questions can be asked and answered. 

EducationUSA Canada Monthly Webinar Series
"SAT vs ACT"
January 14, 2015
2-3 PM AST (2:30-3:30 PM in Newfoundland and Labrador)

Planning ahead for Grade 12's

Wednesday June 24
Safe Grad Holiday Inn 7pm - 6am

Thursday June 25
Grad list posted 1pm

Friday June 26
Principal Breakfast and Rehearsal 9 - 12:30

Monday June 29
Graduation 1pm

Business for a Day


Our Entrepreneurship class will be running a business for a day on Friday Dec. 12. Some of the businesses are quad Exclusive (PA Wristbands), Bling Bracelets, Bri & D’s Accessories, PAH Pocket Card Holders,  Kidston’s Cookies, Bricelets, Sushi Krispies,Bows, Bows, Keith & Will’s Sno-cones, Cliodhna Lip Care, LC Lanyards, Nuts & Bolts Bracelets,  Go Fudge Yourself,  Candy Babies, Gingerbread Cookies, Record Bowls and Rick’s Calendar (PA Football)


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School Cancellation

 There may be circumstances when school is cancelled during the day due to severe weather, power outages or where there is a situation deemed unsafe for our students to be present.

 This decision will be communicated to all schools as close to 11:00 a.m. as possible.

Prince Andrew High School is part of the Prince Andrew Family of Schools.  Usually, weather related cancellations will be announced on the radio according to “Family of Schools’, not the individual school.  Therefore, if you hear announced that the Prince Andrew Family of School is closed then Prince Andrew High School is closed. 

The Halifax Regional School Board takes great care when making the decision to alter the normal operations of schools in the event of severe or inclement weather.  Decisions on school closures and/or bus cancellations are posted on the board’s website at www.hrsb.ns.ca, on Twitter at www.twitter.com/HRSB_Official, recorded on 464-INFO (4636) and communicated to all local radios stations.  You can also receive notice of school and bus cancellations by e-mail or text message by following the link on the front page (left side) of the HRSB website.  If you interested in learning more on how decisions regarding closures and cancellations are made, visit http://www.hrsb.ns.ca/content/id/1137.html.

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Thank you Halifax Regional Council: click here


Our school uses a video surveillance system as part of our continued efforts to support a safe, positive and effective learning environment.  We recognize that the images recorded by this video surveillance system are personal information and, as with all other personal information, we take steps to balance privacy rights with safety and security concerns.  The school has the legal authority to collect this personal information under Section 24 of Nova Scotia’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Only designated staff has access to our video surveillance equipment and such access is restricted as required by law.  The system is used to enhance school safety and to deter or take action in response to unlawful behaviors.

If you have any questions about video surveillance at our school, please contact the principal, Greg MacKinnon.

Break down of Student Fees (total: $50 with a locker, $45 without a locker)

Lockers: $5 (receiving/using a locker is optional)

Field Trips: $10

Athletics: $20

Co-Curricular: $15

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Grade 10 - 11 Course Registration Information

Course Selection Book 2014-15

Information on School Lock Down

You're not alone.  Support and resources are available to help  www. novascotia.ca


The Canadian MedicAlert® Foundation is a charitable organization which is the leading provider of emergency medical information services linked to customized medical bracelets and necklaces. We are pleased to be able to offer MedicAlert memberships to students (from age 4 to their 14th birthday) through the No Child Without® program in select schools. The financial support of the Government of Canada and Lions Clubs allows students to receive the MedicAlert membership for FREE.  Please visit the No Child Without website for further information.



School Messenger Updates


Student Drop Off

Parents are advised to use the driveway closest to the Aliant building, for entrance and exit, when dropping off students.  Student parking is available at the back of the building and can be accessed through the driveway shared with NSCC.  See site plan for more information.

Superintendent's Annual Report

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91.4% of our students have had their progress and attendance checked online by their parents and/or themselves.  Click here to find out how!

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