Prince Andrew High School Youth Health Centre

Your Youth Health Centre exists to provide services to support you in making decisions about your personal health and well being.

The Youth Health Centre:

·        Provides confidential services with accurate, non judgmental information

·        Values your knowledge

·        Welcomes your input

·        Respects your opinion

·        Works with you from a position of your strengths to address your health concerns in a meaningful way

Why Students Come?

There are many reasons why students come to the Youth Health Centre. Mainly it is a safe and quiet place to come and discuss anything you want. Everything we talk about is confidential (private).

You can talk to Cheryl if you are:

·         Feeling sad, confused

·         Feeling angry or stressed

·         Having relationships issues

·         Having problems at home

·         Need condoms, pregnancy testing

·         Sex/sexuality questions

·         Worried about dating violence

·         Drinking too much

·         Smoking too much weed, or other drugs

·         Want to quit smoking cigarettes

·         Just need to talk

·         and anything else!

Referrals are provided to the outside community when necessary.

The YHC is not a place to come if you are physically sick or injured. You should go home. I have no medicines and very little supplies.


Room 219 next to the band room


My schedule is posted on the door window of the YHC. Students are encouraged to come at a time that doesn’t interfere with your class but if you do come during a class time I will give you a timed note to be excused. I will be here most days but I also sit on community committees, assist at immunization clinics and attend Public Health meetings in Burnside. As much as I would like to be here every day, I cannot. When I am here my door is open.


You can email me if you like @ 

What Else?

There are programs and opportunities for students to get involved in health promotion activities. These activities are student led and student driven. These meetings will usually happen at lunch time and include:

  • Youth Committee on Tuesdays

  • GSA on Thursdays

  • Yoga on Fridays

Helpful websites: (sexual health) (sexual health) (LGBT support) (sexual assault) (depression/anxiety/stress) (depression/anxiety/stress)
Kids Help Phone @ 1 800-668-6868

Cheryl Patterson
Youth Health Centre Coordinator